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How do I get real time alerts?

How Do I Get Real Time Alerts?

Alerts are a great way to keep up with new properties that Zumper adds to our site everyday!

You can use our search filters to create alerts specific to apartments that meet your search criteria so you don’t have to keep adjusting those when you come back to Zumper!

There are a few different ways you can create alerts on Zumper:

From Search

Enter a location on any of our search bars, and from the top right of our apartment list page enter your email and click the “Save Search” button. 


If you are logged in your searches will appear under "Saved Searches" when you click on your profile icon in the upper right hand corner. 



From a Listing Page

If you have found an apartment you like - simply create an alert directly from the listing page! You can create an alert at the top of the listing page by selecting the bell icon pictured below. 

From Messaging a Rental Listing

When you message a listing, you can select the checkbox at the bottom of the messaging box to create alerts similar to this listing. We will subsequently send you email updates of all properties within 15% that price range and within 2 miles of the listing.

We email you every time a new rental listing fits your search criteria, so you have the chance to act fast and message the listing first!

All your saved alerts can be viewed by selecting the “Alerts” notification in the top right corner or your screen, or by going to

Please reference the following article if you need to unsubscribe from your alerts!

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