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Managing Renters

  • How do I respond to my leads?

    When you receive a message from a prospective renter, we’ll notify you via email. To respond to your lead, click View Message to navigate to your Messages, or log into your Manage Account and click on the Messages Tab to access your inbox. Once there, you can view all of your active conversations with leads, applicants, and tenants. Select a conversation, type your response directly in the text box, and click Send to reply. 



  • How do I know if a renter receives my message?

    When you respond to a renter’s message, we notify them immediately via email. If you don’t hear back within 24-48 hours, we recommend you follow up with them again, or contact them via a different contact method such as phone or email.   

  • How do I view old renter information?

    All renter exchanges that took place prior to our Messages tool can be found in your email. In the Messages tab you may find old conversations with no message history. These conversations only be found and continued via email.

    When logging into the messages/inbox tab - you should see and empty conversation that directs you to refer to email for content about conversation


    If you need to download all your historic leads as a csv, we offer the option to download your Lead Report.

  • Why aren’t renters responding to me?

    When you message a renter, we notify them via email. On the off chance this email ends up in the spam folder, they may not be receiving your messages and therefore, not responding. 


    If a renter isn’t responding to you, we recommend reaching out via a different contact method such as phone call or email. When viewing a conversation with a renter, their contact information can be found in the top right corner of the screen. Locate the phone and email icon, then hover over each for the respective contact information. You can also find their contact information in your Lead Report, located on the bottom left hand corner of your dashboard.

  • Where do I see my leads information so I can contact them?

    Contact information for leads can also be found under the Renters Dashboard tab when you login. Here, you will see the renter’s full email address & phone number. 


    When a prospective renter expresses interest in your property, you will receive an email alerting you to log into your account and respond to the message. From here, you should be able to go to the Messages section of your account and manage all your active conversations.



    If you need to download all your leads as a csv, we offer the option to download your Lead Report.

  • Why am I not receiving leads?

    To help generate more leads, try one or more of these tactics:

    • Your listing is still pending.
    • Keep your property fresh by making updates to your listing often. 
    • Ensure you've included quality pictures and/or virtual tours. 
    • Include as many Amenities as possible.
    • If you offer Specials, highlight them in the description.
    • Check Zumper's Pro Tips for the property. 
      • Pro tip is a quick action you can take to improve your listing quality and attract more leads. We use your unique listing analytics and activity to generate suggestions that will help you rent smarter, not harder.

    • Your listing is missing key information
      • Click into the Property, and on the left side Zumper will provide tips for improving the quality of your listing


    If you would still like to generate more leads, you can find more information about our Paid Products below:

    • For a flat fee, boost your property to the top of our search results to get guaranteed leads. This is only available in select markets.
    • You can also move to a premium plan by selecting one of the following products on this page.