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What types of properties can I list?

Zumper supports the listing of a variety of properties such as houses, apartments, condos, and rooms for rent. When you create a new listing, you can specify the property type so that it’s easy for renters to find when they filter their results. 

Some of the most common types of properties are: 

    • House: A stand-alone dwelling with no shared land or property with other residents. We refer to this as a single-family home
    • Apartment: A unit or group of units that form a residential dwelling with shared walls, utilities, and often common spaces, typically managed by a property group or landlord.  
    • Condo: Similar to apartments, however, condos are typically owned by individual parties rather than a property group.
    • Co-Op: A residence where occupants do not own property but rather are shareholders of the community.
    • Rooms for rent: A single room or rooms for rent in a shared apartment, home, or condo. If you are posting a room for rent, be sure to use the property type room. 
    • Multifamily buildings: An apartment community with sometimes hundreds of units intended for use by many residents or multiple families, hence, multifamily. All buildings are required to have floorplans associated with them in order to be active on our platform. 

Currently, we do not support the listing of commercial or retail spaces, storage units, parking spots, garages, or for-sale properties on our platform.

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