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How do I know when an applicant shares documents with me?

You will be notified via email when an applicant shares screening documents with you. All documents that are available on your account will be marked as View.

For help downloading shared documents, check the article: How can I download screening documents?


Pending submission: If you see the Pending submission label underneath the applicant’s document request, this means that the applicant has not shared their documents with you. 

When an applicant generates screening documents, they must grant your account permission to view them. To do so, they must click Share which can be found in the middle of their account dashboard. This will prompt them to pay the screening fee, if applicable, and share the documents with you.


Expired: Credit and background reports expire in your account after 30 days from the date they were generated and shared with you. These reports have an Expired label on them. If you require another copy, your renter will need to regenerate and reshare the reports with you. 


Please note: The availability of criminal background checks and the eviction report may vary based on the state due to local laws and constraints from our provider. If you're a landlord operating in these states, the corresponding sections will be absent from the report.

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