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What information do you provide in the reports?

TransUnion provides landlords with a unique and comprehensive credit report that includes a special feature called ResidentScore. This score ranges from 350 to 850 and is crafted specifically for the rental market. ResidentScore is designed to help landlords assess potential renters more precisely than a traditional credit score. It does this using a sophisticated formula to analyze the credit report and produce a score. Where your applicant’s score falls on the scale can help you better assess their risk.

What's Included in the Report?

  1. Credit History: At the outset, the report provides a thorough breakdown of the applicant's full credit history and report.
  2. Criminal and Eviction Records: Toward the end of the report, you'll find sections detailing any Criminal or Eviction records that TransUnion’s search has surfaced. It's crucial to understand that the availability of Criminal and Eviction Records may vary based on the state due to local laws and constraints from our provider. If you're a landlord operating in these states, the corresponding sections will be absent from the report.

Your Responsibility as a Landlord

While TransUnion aids in providing substantial insights, landlords are ultimately responsible for ensuring that their tenant screening practices align with local regulations. Although we have certain limitations in place, it's imperative to be familiar with state-specific requirements.


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