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How much does it cost to apply?

It is always best to message the landlord or listing agent first to determine the fees associated with generating and sharing documents with their account.

For most landlords and agents, the fee is $30. Applicants are typically responsible for covering this fee - some landlords or listing agents charge additional application fees. Applicants will be prompted to pay a fee for each property they share their documents with.

You may be charged the agents additional fees in a separate transaction from your screening fee. When you go to submit the reports, the amount is subtracted from the screening fee as you only generate that report once.

We accept all major credit cards when you are remitting payment for your screening documents. All payment is handled online through Stripe. We do not accept cash or check.

Please note that paying for reports does not automatically share them with the landlord/agent. You will still need to click the “Share” button on your apply dashboard. See this article for more information: How Do I Share My Screening Report / Application?

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