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  • I already purchased a Listing Plan; why do I get asked to Boost my listing?

    If you have purchased a listing plan and are within your posting limit, please disregard this message. Listings will already have increased promotion through your current agreement.

    Posting additional listings over the amount purchased through your Listing Plan will require you to choose from the 'Boost' or 'Standard' option to publish the listing. 


    If you are not currently on a listing plan, learn how to increase exposure through Boost here.

  • How can I tell if a listing is promoted through my Listing Plan?

    When you purchase a listing plan, all of the listings published up to your plan amount will automatically be receiving promoted placement in the search results. Your listings will also receive a 'verified' badge visible on the public listing page.

    Listings posted over your plan amount will not receive the same placement.

  • I want to change the email address or phone number associated with my Zumper Manage Account.

    You can update contact information within your Zumper Manage Account. Once logged into your account, go to Profile > Personal Information. To ensure your listings are messageable, you must verify your new contact information.


    Check your email inbox for the link requesting you verify your email address to confirm you can receive leads. If you do not see this in your regular email inbox, we recommend checking your spam/junk folders.

    • The subject of the email is ACTION NEEDED: Please validate your Zumper Account email address