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Managing Properties

  • What is Zumper's policy towards feed partners?

    Zumper will allow up to five (5) free active listings or individual units to be published at any given time (per brokerage) through your syndication provider. 

    In order to publish your property we require the below information. Properties that do not meet these requirements may not be published on Zumper:

    • A contact phone and email
    • A minimum of one image
    • A minimum description of 50 characters 
    • An accurate & transparent price

    Zumper reserves the right to not accept any property per the above policy or for any other reason. If you’re interested in partnering with Zumper on a paid service to publish additional properties in excess of our free limit please click here for more information or email

    If you have questions or issues with a current listing or individual unit published on Zumper please contact If you have questions related to your syndication provider or feed please email

  • My feed is set up, where are my properties?

    Zumper does have restrictions on the properties that are displayed which syndicate via feed. Your property may be rejected for anyone of the following reasons, so please ensure that your properties are kept up to date and managed with accurate information: 

    1. Only five free listings per brokerage/agent. Properties syndicating above this limit from free feeds will not be displayedDetails such as contact phone, contact email, address or intersection, description of at least 2-3 sentences and at least one photo are missing. 
    2. The listing price for the property must be reasonable for the area that you are posting the property. If you have questions about what is reasonable, we recommend checking the pricing of similar properties in your area.
    3. Must have at least one photo and description of minimum 50 characters
    4. Errors from parsing that prevent Zumper from displaying the property. 

    Please note this list does not include every reason Zumper may not accept a listing. Please allow up to 24 hours for the property to be displayed before reaching out. Further questions regarding why a listing is not appearing, should be directed to 

    More information on Zumper's feed policy can be found here.


  • If I’m using a syndication provider or custom feed can I use the Manage tool to update or remove my properties?

    We turn off our Manage tool for syndicated or feed properties as those should be managed through your syndicator or feed. This means that you do not need to have an account with login credentials to post properties on our platform.

  • How do I remove my property from Zumper?

    Disabling syndication through your provider or removing the property from the feed will remove it from Zumper the next time the feed processes. Please allow up to 24 hours for the changes to be reflected on Zumper.

  • Can I send a feed with my property information?

    Zumper is integrated with all large syndicator services. If you’re interested in publishing your properties to Zumper, please reach out to your syndication provider for more information. If you are an organization interested in syndicating your inventory to Zumper through your own custom feed please contact At this time we are limiting those requests to feeds with 50+ properties.