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Collecting Rent

  • How Do I Create a Rent Payment Schedule for My Property?

    Once you have added a property, you can create a rent payment schedule! First click on the property on the left to which you want to create a rent schedule. Then you can click the blue “Complete schedule” from the center of the screen. 

    Schedule Lease: 

    Choose a lease start date (move in date) for the schedule from the calendar that appears. Then choose a lease end date (move out date) from the calendar that appears. If the lease is month to month, check the “No end date” box and select the recurring bill date it differs from the lease start date. 

    Specify Rent:

    Under the Rent Amount heading, input the monthly rent (the amount due every month). Under the First Bill heading, you have the option to collect a different amount for the first payment than the regular monthly rent. This is helpful if you are prorating the first rent period or collecting a security deposit in addition to the first rent. Check off the box labeled “Collect a different amount” and input the amount you would like to request in the area below. Lastly select the payment due date from the dropdown menu!

    Review Details:

    Take a moment to make sure that all the details listed are correct! Once your tenant accepts their invitation, you will no longer be able to make changes to the due date and lease duration.

    Invite Tenant:

    Input the tenant’s name and email address to invite them to that property’s rent payment schedule! We currently only allow one primary tenant to send payments for a property. 

  • Can I Charge Late Fees?

    We currently do not support charging late fees for payments made past the due date.

  • How Do I Edit My Rent Payment Schedule?

    If your tenant has not accepted your invite, you can click “Cancel invitation”. From there you can edit the plan you created and re-invite your tenant. Unfortunately you cannot edit a plan once a tenant has accepted your invite. You will need to end the plan and create a new one for the tenant to accept. 

  • What Are The Fees Associated with Rent Payment?

    There is no charge to the landlord to utilize Zumper rent payment services! All charges (if applicable) are incurred by the tenant. It is completely free for them to connect their bank account (ACH) and a 2.95% fee to the tenant to pay via card. 

  • Where Is The Payment On My Bank Statement?

    Payments can take up to 7 days to appear in your bank account. Deposit typically occurs 2-3 days after the due date for payments made via credit card and 5-7 days after the due date for payments made via ACH. This may fluctuate depending on national holidays and weekends!

    If you still haven’t received your payment after 10 days of it being sent, please contact Stripe. If you are using Stripe payment for the first time, your first payout may take an additional 2–4 days to appear in your account.

  • Can I Add Multiple Tenants to the Same Property/Rent Schedule?

    At this time we currently only allow 1 primary tenant to send payments for a property.