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Partner Sites

  • Posting from Appfolio or Rentlinx

    As of May 1, 2019 Zumper began limiting the number of free leads for Multi Family Residences with 50+ units to 5. This is the standard practice with our other Partner's and we remain committed to generating high quality leads to all who list on our site. In order to receive more than 5 leads per property you can easily opt-in for Premium Leads in your AppFolio account or sign up for a paid subscription directly with Zumper. With Premium Leads you can set your own budget as well as get premium placement on Zumper's listing sites. To learn more about Zumper's multifamily lead pricing structure and policies please head over here or contact Appfolio's support team who will be happy to answer your questions.

  • Where Do You Send My Property Information?

    Zumper partners with a variety of companies to ensure your property has maximum exposure when you are looking to rent it out! When you post a property on Zumper, we send your property information to: Zumper, PadMapper, WalkScore, Facebook Marketplace.

    You can manage the sites that your properties syndicate to from your Zumper Pro dashboard in the Edit Profile page. When on this page, scroll down to the section entitled “Marketing Syndication” and check the box beside “Publish To The Zumper Network”. Please note that it can take up to 24 hours for those properties to appear in search results!

    If you see the property information displaying incorrectly on a partner site, please contact their support team directly.

  • How Do I Get My Property on Facebook Marketplace?

    Listings that you post directly to Zumper using your Zumper Pro account will syndicate to all our partner networks, which now include Facebook Marketplace. There is no cost for you to utilize this syndication, it comes free alongside your Zumper Pro account!

    To make sure you have enabled this feature please follow these steps:
    When logged in to your Zumper Pro account, select the ‘Edit Profile’ tab. From there scroll down to the ‘Marketing Syndication’ section and make sure that you have checked the box to syndicate your listings to our full network.

    Once your listings have been activated, please allow up to 24 hours for the properties to appear in the Facebook app in the Marketplace rentals section. Zumper listings are also only available in Marketplace via the app only, we don't offer any desktop web views at this time. Facebook ultimately controls whether or not your listing will display in Marketplace in any given market at any given time. Right now we are both still conducting tests regarding the best way to display properties from Zumper, so there is a chance that your account view may be affected.