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Cost of Screening Services

  • How Do I Adjust My Screening Fee?

    We charge the prospective applicants a $30 fee to generate and share their screening documents with you. With this set standard fee you will not receive a payout. If you'd like to customize the screening fee to something higher than $30, you will receive the difference between your adjusted fee and $30.

    To adjust your screening and application fee, simply contact us through the support request form. You will receive an email confirmation when the adjustment to your account has been made along with instructions on how to set up your ebanking information. 

  • How & When Do I Receive My Payouts?

    For professionals and landlords who process application fees through Zumper, we use a service called Tipalti. Once you have received confirmation that your fee has been adjusted outside of $30, you will receive and invitation to Tipalti from our AP team. These payouts are remitted for all completed shares of screening documents associated with your account.

    Payouts are remitted the first week of the month following when screenings were completed (E.g. March screenings are paid out the first week of April). You can receive your payout via check or ACH. Checks take about 3-5 business days to be sent out and received in the mail. ACH takes 1-2 business days to be deposited into your linked account.