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Accessing Screening Reports

  • What Does It Mean When I Receive an Email Notification to Claim Documents?

    If a new Zumper Pro user receives an email prompting them to “Claim Documents”, this means that an applicant shared documents with them before they Experian verified or activated their account. It’s important to follow the instructions in the original email to claim the documents correctly!

  • What Is the Status of My Applicant's Documents?

    Once an applicant has generated their screening documents, they must grant your account viewing permission in order for the documents to be viewable there. If you have requested the documents from them through the platform, the applicant simply needs to select the "Share" button in the middle of their account dashboard. This will prompt them to pay and share if they have not already done so.

    If a Zumper Pro still sees the “pending submission” notification underneath the applicants document request, this means that the applicant has not completed this step. It’s important for the Zumper Pro to convey any timeline that documents are needed by with the Zumper applicant directly.

  • Where Are the Screening Documents That Were Previously In My Pro Account?

    Documents that had previously been in your account could have disappeared for a number of reasons. Don’t worry! Here are some of the most common cases:

    • You reset your password. Simply request the documents again from the applicant
    • The applicant reset their password. They will need to regenerate and re-share the documents with you
    • The applicant revoked your access to their documents
    • The screening reports were generated over 30 days ago, and have therefore expired. The applicant will need to regenerate, re-pay, and re-share their documents with the agent or landlord if this is the case.

    If they had previously generated the reports in the last 30 days, they should not be prompted to pay again when sharing with you!

  • Do Documents In My Account Expire?

    When you receive the notification that an applicant’s documents have expired, this means that it has been over 30 days since the applicant has generated their report to share with you. The credit reports are no longer available after this time.

    You are still able to view the applicant’s rental application, however an applicant will need to regenerate, re-pay, and re-share their credit and background documents with your account should you require updated ones for your files.