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Searching for Properties

  • How Can I Tell If a Rental Listing Is a Scam?

    If it seems too good to be true, it probably is!

    While we do our best to verify all posters on our site, we are aware that some people do slip through the cracks. If you have a question about any listing in which the landlord exhibits suspicious activity prior to you viewing the property, please fill out the support request form with the Zumper website url so we can investigate further.

    Common rental scams are:

    - You are asked to wire money prior to seeing the apartment

    - You are asked for a security deposit before you sign the lease

    - They tell you they are out of the country or have moved out of state

    - They are unable to show you the property themselves

    - They encourage you to view a property on your own

    If you find yourself a victim of rental fraud, always report the incident to the FTC using the following link:

  • How Do I Favorite A Property?

    Favoriting a property is a great way to save a listing to come back and review later. To save or favorite a listing for later, just select the heart on the property, typically located in the top right corner. This will automatically add your property to your favorite queue, where you can return to review in further detail!

    If you decide you no longer want to keep a property on you list, just unselect the heart and it will disappear.

    While we do save all your favorites on a device, it’s best to create an account so you can easily sync your favorites from when you search on your computer or our apps. You can reach your favorites by selecting the Favorites tab when logged in on the Zumper home page.

  • How Do I Create My Account to Search and Apply for Properties?

    To create your Zumper account, simply go to and select the “Sign In” button in the top right corner. Then click ‘Create an Account’

    You can do a number of different things once you have created an account:

    • Search and favorite rentals on
    • Create email alerts or push notifications to let you know when new listings are posted on Zumper
    • Apply to listings! You can check out this article to see how you can share documents.
  • How Do I Report A Property?

    We do try and verify the identity of everyone who is posting on our site, however sometimes mistakes happen and people are able to slip through the cracks. If a listing agent or landlord is misrepresenting their property, attempting fraud, asking for money before the showing, or behaving in a way that is suspicious, please cease all communication with the user and contact us immediately. If you are unsure if a listing is a scam, please reference our article here:

    You can report a listing by selecting the flag icon or “Report this listing” button on the listing page or by contacting us with the Zumper website URL of the listing through our support request form.

  • How Do I Use the Search Filters?

    When searching for apartments, you can use search filters to help narrow down the search.

    Main filters are located at the top of the screen on our website, or you can find them by selecting the “Filters” button in the top right corner on either of our mobile apps. If you would like to narrow your search results down further, selecting “see all filters” will allow you to see more detailed options.  

    For instance, if you’d like to search for only one bedroom apartments between $1,000 and $1,500, select the one bedroom filter and limit the price filter to your desired budget.

    Using filters helps sort through all the content on Zumper to ensure results are exactly what you’re looking for!