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  • Why Do You Use Experian Reports?

    Zumper partners with Experian to provide credit scores for all applicants utilizing our service. To generate your report, simply to go and select the “Create” button underneath the credit report box. This will begin the process of verifying your identity to pull the correct report information.

    Here’s a bit more information about the score that we are providing to you:

    • VantageScore 3.0 (provided by Zumper) has been validated in the marketplace as the most accurate determinant of credit worthiness of all generic risk models. This is particularly true for resident screening as it is best suited for scoring emerging consumers.
    • Vantage and other credit score models run on different algorithms, input data, and can have different score ranges. So, users should never be comparing two scores. It is false analogy to say that two score are radically different. By design, different models will always generate different scores. And sometimes, the scores will be much different, particularly of the score ranges differ greatly.
    • Experian’s credit database is continually updated (24/7), So, credit scores can change (sometimes dramatically) at any time.
    • This is a soft pull on your credit, we do not perform a hard inquiry - thus this will not show up as an inquiry on your credit profile and not impact your credit negatively.

    If you need to dispute your credit score, simply select the “Dispute” button underneath the credit report section, or reference the article What If There Is Incorrect Information On My Report?

  • What If There Is Incorrect Information On My Report?

    Hovering over the "dispute information" button in the top of your report should provide instructions on how to proceed with correcting any information.

    Credit report

    We pull a comprehensive report directly from Experian's database for your credit report. If any of this information does not look familiar or is inaccurate, please contact Experian via the following link to get everything sorted out:

    Background reports

    If there is any information on your criminal or eviction report that is incorrect, please contact so we can get started on filing a dispute with our third party data provider on your behalf.