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Zumper Pro Information

  • How many leads can I receive on my listing?

    We are constantly rolling out new ways for landlords and agents to promote their listings. We try to  feature properties who haven't had as much lead volume as others. While we understand that not all leads that contact you may initially be qualified or fit your needs, we have found that most properties are able to find a tenant using on average 30 leads.

    You do have the option to pay a flat rate fee to promote your listing to receive more leads for that month! Check out our article for more info on how to promote your listing:

    * We do not currently allow promoting of listings in Canada and NYC. 

  • What Is My Agent Page?

    Your agent page is a great place to see all the properties you have active on Zumper’s platform associated with your account. After you have set up an agent page, the link is underneath your profile picture on your homepage of your Zumper Pro dashboard.

    To set up the page, go to the Edit Profile section on your dashboard. Scrolling down, you should be able to create your own unique website url, add your own background photos, and control the contact information that appears on the page.

  • Is My Account Activated?

    An active account is needed to post active listings and view tenant screening documents. If you see that your underneath your profile photo on the right hand side of your dashboard it states Pending or Under Review, your account is not activated. You should be prompted to contact support if your account is not automatically activated! You can also fill out the support request form.

    We do our best to verify every user personally to ensure the highest quality listings on our site. We do this through a series of quick questions via email as well as phone verification calls. This process can take up to 24 hours.

  • How Do I Create A Zumper Pro Account?

    Creating your Zumper Pro account is easy and free! We offer you the ability to post your rental listing, screen tenants, and manage your leads - all with one account.

    Simply select the following link to get started:

    You’ll be walked through next steps on how to activate your Zumper Pro account and begin screening or posting. If you want to screen tenants, you will need to Experian verify your account first. Please reference this article for more information on how to get started!