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Managing My Properties

  • How Do I Post A Building?

    Before you begin to post your building on Zumper, be sure to take a look at our Multi-Family homepage ( and see if you qualify for any of those posting plans!

    If not, simply select the building representative option when signing up for a Zumper Pro account ( You should see the option to create a building when going to your Zumper Pro dashboard after that.

  • Can I Use a Feed to Post My Properties?

    If you are interested in sending us a direct feed of your properties instead of posting manually on Zumper Pro, we first encourage you to see if you qualify for our Multi-Family plans ( If you have further questions, please contact

  • What Types of Properties Can I Post?

    Zumper supports posting of a variety of different properties, from houses & apartments to condos & rooms for rent. When you are creating your new listing, you can select the property type so that it appears in the appropriate searches when applicants are filtering their results.

    Currently we do not support posting properties that are commercial/retail space, for storage or for-sale on our platform.

  • How Do I Promote My Listings?

    While it is completely free to post your listings on Zumper Pro*, we do recognize that some landlords or listing agents may want to feature their property in a particular area. If you are posting over 25+ listings to your account, we recommend that you get in touch with our Multifamily sales team to find out more information when posting on Zumper.  

    Next to your active properties on the Zumper Pro listing dashboard, you can select the promote feature which allows you to pay a one time flat rate and receive a guaranteed number of leads for a particular period of time. Once you activate a listing on your Zumper Pro dashboard, you should see this option appear next to it!

    *Please note that we are currently making changes to our posting options in NYC and Chicago at this time, and this feature may not be available to all accounts there.

  • Can I post listings on Zumper / PadMapper in Canada?

    Small landlords (<3 units) and rooms for rent can be posted through Zumper Pro ( or our Post-a-Pad tool via the PadMapper app. 

    For larger landlords, PadMapper and Zumper work exclusively with RentSync in Canada to provide listing services. While Zumper Pro offers the ability for small landlords (<20 units) in both the US and Canada to post their rental inventory, the services procured through RentSync represent the enterprise level service and promotion that cannot be attained through Zumper Pro alone. 

    If you would like to discuss getting professionally managed units onto PadMapper and Zumper in Canada, please visit for more details
  • What Is My Website Listing Widget?

    Your website listing widget is an easy way for you to directly paste your Zumper Pro listings onto your personal webpage. 

    To set it up, you must make sure that your agent page has been created. You can manage this in your edit profile section of your dashboard. Once your agent page is set up, you should see your website listing widget appear in the lower right corner of your Zumper Pro dashboard

    We recommend directly copying the HTML and pasting to your web page since we default to fit the space there. However, if you would like to customize the height x width, you can enter your own pixels and then copy the HTML. 

    Once active on your website, this will show the first 10 active listings on your agent page. When an tenant clicks a listing, a new window of the listing on Zumper will open for them! If you have more than 10 apartments, tenants will have the opportunity to click to view more and this will take them to your Zumper agent page. 

  • How Do I Delete A Listing?

    To delete a listing, go to the “Listings” section of your account. Once you have selected the listing you would like to delete, scroll to the bottom of the screen and select the “Delete” button in the bottom right corner. Please note that this information is not recoverable once you delete a listing.

  • How Do I Adjust My Listing Status?

    To adjust your listing status, go to your listing section of your dashboard and select the “Status” button on the right side of the screen. From here, you can move the status of the listing to Active, Draft, or Archived.

    An active listing means that your listing is live in our search results.

    A draft listing means that you are still working on finalizing a few details before the listing is ready to show up in search.

    An archived listing means that the listing is no longer available and will not appear in search results on the Zumper platform. It may take 24 hours to update on our partner sites.

  • How Do I Edit My Listings?

    To edit your listing, go to the “Listings” section of your dashboard and select the listing you would like to make changes to. There will be an “Edit” button in the top left corner of the listing details. Select the button and you should be able to move easily to the section where you can update your listing information.

    If your listing is out of date or no longer available, please archive it.

  • How Do I Upload Files to My Listing?

    Zumper accepts most photo files (jpg, gif, png, etc) when you are adding photos from your computer. Please note that you cannot upload a file folder -, all the files must be selected from the folder and then dragged onto the page. The minimum size file for photos is 160x160. If your photo is this small, you will receive an error notification that the picture may not display exactly as you like and to use a higher resolution photo.

    If you are having trouble uploading photos, feel free to fill out contact us through the request form so that we may assist you!

  • How Do I Create a Listing?

    You can create your listing by going to the Listings section of your dashboard when logged into your Zumper account

    From here you can select the “Create A New Listing” button to get started. Please note that you cannot create listings when accessing your account from a mobile device. 

    Adding Your Address

    To add the listing address, start typing the street number and name into the “Search for an address” bar. We auto-populate the information from Google Maps, so as long as it’s an address there, you should have no issue! If you are listing a newer property that is not listed on Google Maps yet, please contact us through the request form for next steps.

    You can select the “Hide Address” button to hide the listing address from appearing on the map. Be sure to enter a valid intersection if you select this option.

    Uploading photos

    More information about uploading photos on Zumper can be found here. We have noticed that listings with 10-15 high quality photos typically receive the highest amounts of leads, so be sure to choose wisely!

    Adding Details

    Adding a detailed  description is a great way to tell prospective tenants a bit more about your place! Prospective tenants use our search filters quite often to narrow down their search results, so be sure to check off everything that is applicable to your property! Include in the description anything important they should know about the lease, location of the neighborhood, or anything else that makes your property stand out.


    You can add any upcoming showing that you will be hosting at this time. Showings will appear on your listing page within a 2 week window.

    Once you’ve finished, to select the “Activate” button to set your listing live! If you need another moment to review, feel free to select the “Save” button and review your information.