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How Do I Setup a New Renter?

To create a new rent payment schedule, go to the Payments tab and click the Collect rent button. You will be prompted to enter the address of your property and confirm that it is the correct address. You may also select one of your existing properties from the drop down menu, as long as there is no other active rent payment schedule tied to it. 

You will then be required to choose whether your lease is month to month, select the exact start and end date of the lease, input the monthly rent amount to be charged to the renter, and select what day of the month you would like to collect the rent. 

You will also have the option to add a one-time custom fee. This is useful for collecting a security deposit, a pet deposit, a move-in fee or any other custom charge you may require. You will also be able to add custom charges at any point after you have created your rent payment schedule. Please see Can I Collect Fees & Deposits?

After confirming the details of the rent schedule, you will then be prompted to enter the renter’s full name and email address to invite them!

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