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What information do you provide in the reports?

TransUnion provides a comprehensive credit report including a ResidentScore. ResidentScore is very similar to a Vantage or Credit score but geared towards rentals. ResidentScore will help you score potential renters with more precision than a traditional credit score. ResidentScore uses a sophisticated formula to analyze the credit report and produce a score between 350-850. Where your applicant’s score falls on the scale can help you better assess their risk.

The first part of the screening report provides the applicant’s full credit history and report. There will be two sections near the end of the report for any Criminal or Eviction records that are found based on the TransUnion search. While it's ultimately the landlord's responsibility to ensure they are utilizing a service that is in accordance with local laws, we do have restrictions in place for Illinois and New York. We do not provide eviction reports in New York State and do not provide criminal reports in Illinois. These specific sections will not be included in reports generated in those states. 

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