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How do I promote my property?

Promoting your listing simply guarantees you a certain number of leads within a 30 day period for a flat fee. To promote a property, go to the Properties tab and select the Promote button next to the property you wish to generate more leads for. You will be prompted to submit payment information. If you do not receive the guaranteed number of leads within the 30 day period, please let us know so that we can issue you a refund.

Properties in New York City, Chicago, and Canada are currently not eligible for promotion. In Canada, PadMapper and Zumper work exclusively with RentSync to provide listing services for larger landlords. While Zumper offers the ability for small landlords (< 20 units) to post their rental inventory, the services procured through RentSync represent the enterprise-level service and promotion that cannot be attained through Zumper alone. Please reach out directly via the following link:

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