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Can I adjust the screening fee?

We charge applicants a standard $30 fee to generate and share their screening documents with you, which includes a credit report and background check. However, you can adjust your screening fee! You can customize your screening fee. Once you increase your fee, you are eligible to receive the difference between your adjusted fee and $30. These payouts are made the month following when your reports have been run. If you choose to lower or waive the screening fee, you will be charged the difference, or $30, for every applicant who shares screening documents with you. 

To adjust your screening and application fee, contact us through the support request form and let us know what price you would like to update your fee to. You will receive an email confirmation when the adjustment to your account has been made along with instructions on how to set up your ebanking information.

Please note that it is your responsibility to adhere to their local/state guidelines surrounding screening fees! 

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