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Why is my property inactive or pending?

After you finish creating your property, you may notice that it is in a pending state. This means your profile has been flagged to require verification. After verification is completed you should expect your listing to be active in 24-48 hours. Please follow the steps below to complete verification. 

  • Log in to your account at
  • Hold your screen for a while, or click your profile > verification.
  • The prompt messages should appear in a few seconds; please click "Get started." 


It will just take a few minutes of verification, which requires you to upload your ID as well as undergo facial recognition.


To combat the increasing prevalence of scammers and fraudulent activities, we have implemented additional verification steps for all landlords on our platform. These measures are designed to protect both landlords and potential tenants, fostering a trustworthy and reliable rental environment. We kindly request your cooperation in undergoing the verification process by logging in through the Zumper app using your mobile phone for easier access.


We partner with Persona, who has implemented robust measures, ensuring that they are handled with the utmost confidentiality against unauthorized access. More information about our partner is here:



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