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How Do I View My Payment History?

When on the “Pay Rent” tab, you can scroll down to the “Rent History” section to view your past rent payments. The status of your payment will be next to the payment amount and date it was processed. 

You will see a status next to each on of your payments. They are: 

  • Paid: Your rent payment was successful and paid on time
  • Pending: Your rent payment was initiated from your bank account however is still being processed. This status will only show for individuals who elect to connect their bank accounts.
  • Paid late: Your rent payment was successful however payment was paid late. We recommend reaching out to your landlord to let them know payment is on the way!
  • Overdue: Your rent payment is late and still needs to be paid. Check your payment method to ensure all your information is correct and accounts have sufficient funds. 
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