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Can I Collect Fees & Deposits?

Yes, you can collect fees and deposits through Zumper with custom charges! This feature is particularly useful when collecting the following types of charges: 

  • Late fees 
  • Security deposit
  • Pet deposit 
  • Utilities 

In the initial creation of the rent schedule, you may only add one custom charge from the section entitled Collect a first payment. However after the creation of a plan you can add as many additional charges with varying due dates as you want! To do so, first go to the Payments section. From there, click on View payments from the rent schedule you wish to charge. In the top right corner of the screen that appears, select Add a charge. You’ll be prompted to enter a title for the payment, the amount to be paid, and the due date. You have the option to enter a description of the payment as well. Simply click Add for the charge to be sent to your renter!

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