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Why are my contact details different on my property page?

You may not recognize the phone number that displays on your property page when you go to view it directly on Zumper. This is because we display an anonymized phone number on the page for lead tracking as well as protecting your personal information from being searchable on the internet. This is one of the ways that we protect your personal information from being used by scammers or other phishing attempts when posting online. 

If an interested renter dials this anonymized number, it automatically re-reroutes back to the phone number associated with your account, which is managed in your account settings. In order to test this, you should dial from a number that is not associated with your account.

If you would like this disabled and prefer that your direct phone number is displayed instead, we can certainly remove this from your account. Contact us via the support request form with your account details to let us know!

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