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What Is My Website Listing Widget?

Your website listing widget is an easy way for you to directly paste your Zumper Pro listings onto your personal webpage. 

To set it up, you must make sure that your agent page has been created. You can manage this in your edit profile section of your dashboard. Once your agent page is set up, you should see your website listing widget appear in the lower right corner of your Zumper Pro dashboard

We recommend directly copying the HTML and pasting to your web page since we default to fit the space there. However, if you would like to customize the height x width, you can enter your own pixels and then copy the HTML. 

Once active on your website, this will show the first 10 active listings on your agent page. When an tenant clicks a listing, a new window of the listing on Zumper will open for them! If you have more than 10 apartments, tenants will have the opportunity to click to view more and this will take them to your Zumper agent page. 

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