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Why Do You Use Experian?

Zumper partners with Experian to generate the credit reports for our tenant screening services.

We did this for a few reasons:

  • VantageScore 3.0 (provided by Zumper) has been validated in the marketplace as the most accurate determinant of credit worthiness of all generic risk models. This is particularly true for resident screening as it best suited for scoring thin file and emerging consumers.
  • Each credit scoring model runs on different algorithms, input data, and can have different score ranges. So, users should never be comparing two scores. It is false analogy to say that two score are radically different. By design, different models will always generate different scores. And sometimes, the scores will be much different, particularly if the score ranges differ greatly.
  • Experian’s credit database is continually updated (24/7). Any credit score will be impacted by the data feeding into it any moment. So, credit scores can change (sometimes dramatically) at any time.

If an applicant needs to dispute their credit score, they can do so at any time by just selecting the "Dispute" button next to their credit report when they go to view it on their dashboard. Please also have them reference the article:What If There Is Incorrect Information On My Report?”.

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