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How Do I Create a Listing?

You can create your listing by going to the Listings section of your dashboard when logged into your Zumper account

From here you can select the “Create A New Listing” button to get started. Please note that you cannot create listings when accessing your account from a mobile device. 

Adding Your Address

To add the listing address, start typing the street number and name into the “Search for an address” bar. We auto-populate the information from Google Maps, so as long as it’s an address there, you should have no issue! If you are listing a newer property that is not listed on Google Maps yet, please contact us through the request form for next steps.

You can select the “Hide Address” button to hide the listing address from appearing on the map. Be sure to enter a valid intersection if you select this option.

Uploading photos

More information about uploading photos on Zumper can be found here. We have noticed that listings with 10-15 high quality photos typically receive the highest amounts of leads, so be sure to choose wisely!

Adding Details

Adding a detailed  description is a great way to tell prospective tenants a bit more about your place! Prospective tenants use our search filters quite often to narrow down their search results, so be sure to check off everything that is applicable to your property! Include in the description anything important they should know about the lease, location of the neighborhood, or anything else that makes your property stand out.


You can add any upcoming showing that you will be hosting at this time. Showings will appear on your listing page within a 2 week window.

Once you’ve finished, to select the “Activate” button to set your listing live! If you need another moment to review, feel free to select the “Save” button and review your information.


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